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Silk garment material, down cloth coating
Product characteristics
Soluble in toluene, ethyl acetate and other organic solvents, it can meet the needs of different coating processing. Excellent adhesion, water resistance, oil resistance, good fastness to dry and wet rubbing, good hand feel, no readhesion. The film is smooth, transparent, elastic and tough, good bending resistance and mechanical strength. Light resistance, good weather resistance, not easy to yellow
Application area
1, dissolve the fabric coating film solvent should use toluene, ethyl acetate and other environmental protection solvents, reduce the solvent volatilization, do a good job in the operation, the use of labor protection work. 2. In the process of dissolving fabric coating film and using glue, prevent the generation of static electricity and prohibit fire. The workplace shall be equipped with corresponding fire fighting equipment, facilities and full-time safety officers to make emergency plans for accidents and do a good job in fire fighting and safety work. Reduce the generation of wastes in the process of dissolution and use, and the treatment and disposal of relevant wastes shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations of environmental protection. 4, suitable for coating material, lining material, bags material, etc
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