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Flocking Glue STL-8635
This series of products is made of acrylic ester and special functional monomer by emulsion polymerization, the appearance is milky white with blue light viscous liquid, with self-crosslinking and self-thickening characteristics, belongs to Yin/non-ionic type.
Product characteristics
This product is water - based electrostatic flocking adhesive, no solvent components, non - hazardous chemicals.This product has excellent adhesion to base cloth and nap, endows flocking products with abrasion resistance, water resistance, air permeability and other properties, endows flocking products with soft, stiff, elastic and other styles.Environmentally friendly water-based latex does not contain APEOS, NPEOS, and residual formaldehyde meets the relevant standards.1. This product is negative and non-ionic, adding cationic auxiliaries is strictly prohibited.2. In order to achieve the required fastness and related performance, 3%-5% cross-linking agent should be added.3. The product should not be stored in the open air for a long time when the temperature is lower than 0℃. It is easy to be frozen and demulsified.
Application area
It is widely used for spraying flocking of all kinds of clothing fabrics, home textile decorative materials, etc
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