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Water-Based Foam Adhesive STL-8850
The series of products by the radical polymerization of acrylic monomers and half since the crosslinking properties of acrylate polymer emulsion polymerization, appearance is ivory with colorful shell color, has excellent adhesive film fastness, elasticres ilience at low temperature, dry, wet wash resistance good, soft, widely used in home textile, curtain, shade, shade screens and print canvas, and other areas of the textile industry.
Product characteristics
This product is a semi-self-crosslinking acrylic polymer emulsion made of acrylic monomers by free radical polymerization.Excellent bond film fastness, good low temperature resilience, good dry and wet washing resistance, soft feel.It has good mechanical stability, resistance to dry and wet washing.
Application area
It is widely used in textile industry such as home textile, curtain, roll curtain, shade curtain and paint canvas
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