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Water-Based Coating Adhesive STL-550
This series of products is made of acrylate and special functional monomer by emulsion polymerization, the appearance is milky white with blue viscous liquid, thickened into milky white colloidal body, with self-crosslinking characteristics, belongs to Yin/non-ionic type.
Product characteristics
Adding compatible functional additives into the product can give the fabric special properties;High-content models can be diluted into low-content ones by adding water as needed. This product is water - based fabric coating adhesive, solvent - free component, non - dangerous goods.Self - crosslinking, good adhesion, fastness, finish.Can give the fabric soft, stiff, elastic style, give the fabric waterproof, permeability, water resistance.
has good light extinction, skin film sensitivity, good resilience, soft handle, good fastness, although oily good, no ash, good washable performance characteristics.
has the characteristics of good brightness, strong film sensitivity, good resilience, soft handle, good fastness, good oil, no ash, good washing performance and high water pressure resistance.
Application area
Widely used in all kinds of clothing fabrics, lining materials, bags materials, tents, modern canvas fabric coating finishing.
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