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STL Held a Signing Ceremony with Jiaxing Xiuzhou Senior High School

On March 5th, General Secretary, Mr. Xi Jinping, emphasized that national unity was the lifeline of the Chinese people, and the consciousness of the national community was the foundation of national unity.


STL held a signing ceremony with Jiaxing Xiuzhou Senior High School, committing 1 million RMB to promote the education of minority students, improve educational facilities, and establish a teaching incentive mechanism, etc.


In the classroom, Ms. Yang Yuying was surrounded by minority students and was distributing gifts to everyone. Facing these students coming from thousands of miles away, she said movingly, “Although we are from different nations, we all belong to the Chinese nation.” Although you are not accompanied by your parents, the government, teachers, classmates, as well as uncles and aunts from STL are all your relatives. Ms. Yang’s words seemed to be a warm current that brought warmth to them. Ms. Yang Yuying encouraged the students to study hard and dedicate themselves to our country when growing up.


Xiuzhou Senior High School has a 122-year history as the oldest school in Jiaxing. Over 20 nations and 2300 minority students were educated at this school, which was named the "National Unity Model Collective." STL practices the purpose of ‘Let more people help more people’, carrying out over 300 welfare activities, devoting nearly 30 million RMB and helping over 30 thousand people get benefits. STL was awarded “National Labor Certificate” in 2021 and was reported several times by mainstream media.


The signing ceremony was a big step for STL on the path of educational welfare, which started a new page of promoting national unity and common prosperity. In the future, STL will appeal to all sectors of society to devote themselves to common prosperity.