Become A Responsible Company
Build the Well-Off Dream between Jiaxing and Kashgar

August 19th, STL Mother Yang’s Public Welfare carried out the “Micro Wish” Education Activity with Charity Federation of Nanhu District, which sent gifts  to 300 students in Kashgar, Xinjiang province.  With smiles in sight, the children get to experience new schoolbags and stationeries.


At 2pm in the afternoon, the volunteers and employees were packaging busily. Some were in charge of classifying, some were in charge of checking, some were in charge of boxing……with everyone’s concerted efforts, 300 packages with love was going to be sent to the beautiful but remote Kashgar.


In the crowds, a red figure was particularly attractive. She was the Secretary of the party committee of STL as well as the head of Mother Yang’s Public Welfare. At this time, she prepared schoolbags, pencil cases, table tennis bats, and jump ropes for the children. She proceeded to  label the names of the owners on the packages. It was  taken by surprise seeing there was a letter from the Chairman of STL, Mr. Yang Weidong in every gift which was filled with his wishes and expectations to them. Ms. Yang also reminded to attach her telephone number at the end. This activity would be the beginning of the relationship between her and these 300 children. In the future, no matter what difficulties they met, they could connect her anytime.


STL was enthusiastic about public welfare and undertook the social responsibilities actively all the time. The company registered the brand of “Mother Yang’s Public Welfare”, and continuously carried out charity events such as education and start-ups, fighting the Covid-19, rural revitalization,  helping the weak, and the needy. Concurrently, it also responded to the call for Targeted Poverty Alleviation, carrying out directional support with Shihezi, Xinjiang Province, Ruoergai, Sichuan Province and Huangping, Guizhou Province. STL had already carried out “Micro Wish” for many times before.


Heat couldn’t stop action, distance couldn’t stop love. In the future, STL Mother Yang’s Public Welfare would continue to spare no effort to call on more people to help more people and contribute to Common Prosperity.