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Students From Jiaxing Xiuzhou Senior High School Visited STL Pinghu Integrated Manufacturing Base To Feel The Beauty Of Chemicals Up Close

Since the last March “holding hands” with Xinjiang sector of Jiaxing Xiuzhou Senior High School, Ms. Yang Yuying, Secretary of the Party Committee of STL  welcomed several teenagers that came from all over to witness this grand tour of STL and the chemical plant facilities.. At every festival, she attended Ms. Yuying took the time to visit, engage with and build deep friendships with the teenagers.\



We were honored that on March 19th, Secretary Yang Yuying gave up the weekend rest time and instead went to Pinghu Integrated Manufacturing Base to welcome over 50 students from Jiaxing Xiuzhou Senior High School. The students from Xinjiang sector were joined by HQ personnel to view  the grounds of STL to get a feel the beauty of chemical plants  under the direction of the wonderful tour guides, VP Yang Jianhua and Ms. Chen Haiyan.


The students were amazed by the advanced center control system and wall-to-wall displays since entered the DCS room. Manager of HSE Department, Mr. Zhang Jiyang introduced the industrial chain, products and “Five-in-One” Platform of the company, which let the students realize and learn that the products of STL are everywhere in our life. The next exciting part on the tour were the seemingly endless series of tunnels building excitement on the way to the harbor. After emerging from the tunnel system to the spectacular harbor the students were amazed and overwhelmed by the size and beauty before them. What is more, as the check-in place of the base, the HSE Experience room also sparked the interest of the students. After listening to the introduction of the safety and environmental protection knowledge from Manager Zhang Jiyang, looking at every interesting and significant interactive devices, all the students wanted to  have a turn at the exhibit.



At the last symposium, the students watched the corporate video and shared their feelings of this trip. Although it was only a half-day trip, their  first experience visiting an advanced intelligent manufacturing company was both exciting and educational. Every student expressed their gratitude with thunderous applause. Secretary Yang Yuying warned everyone to be grateful. She said that there would be no today’s happy life without the Communist Party. She also encouraged the students to study hard and expressed that the doors of STL would open for them, welcoming them to join STL after graduation.


STL is always committed to social welfare. We enjoyed having students from all over to feel and see the beauty of chemistry up close. STL wanted to showcase to the students the overall benefits of understanding and appreciating chemistry, how to use this scientific knowledge to build their hometown, create a better life for themselves all while a powerful country in the future. Again, we thank Secretary Yang Yuying for sharing her time with us throughout this even and reinforcing what STL stands for - “Chemicals make a better life.”